Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art Play: 7-28, quilt squares

The kids got to decorate quilt squares tonight... but most of them just drew Spiderman. Then some of them decided to dress up like Ninja Turtles.... I uh.... yeah.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art Play: 7-21

Today was great at the center. We made shadow puppets with the kids and hung a vinyl sheet as a stage. The kids were able to make their own character with its own personality. They had fun, and we did, too!

Art Play: 7-14

The fourteenth of this month was the first time I took photos to document the class. We made sock puppets and a few stages. The kids had a blast putting shows on for the adults in the audience as well as for each other.

Rose Brooks Center

Rose Brooks Center is a safe haven for women and children that have been victim to domestic violence. Thanks to my friend Theresa, I have been able to join the volunteer force and help her out with art classes designed with kids in mind. Once a week we meet at the Center with a collection of art supplies. We make art then we go outside and play. This blog is designed to document some of the classes and the great projects we are able to do with the kids.

To view the Rose Brooks Center website for volunteer information, or to make a donation, or to find out how else to help or be helped, click here. Thank you for your interest and your support.